3D Symbols

We look forward to the future and 3D graphic and our graphical techniques are the most modern ones. Our graphics entice the gamblers brains to remember the best moments of their life. What stimulates more than personal speech? Our figures are speaking, for example,  with the gamblers in a matter that they ‘say’ what gamblers wish to hear. We use for that not only characters but the complete 3D graphics abilities.

Look at our videos (menu SAMPLES) and then feel why. Is Gambling entertainment? Yes, of course, it is – but only for the beginners and for those gamblers who play not so often, only from time to time with a small budget – more for fun than for money and more for amusement than for fighting against inner problems. And further in other words: more for playing than for taking risk.

 Why are we using 3D?

Because it is modern? – Okay, a little bit.

Because it brings more wins? – Don’t wonder, that’s it, really. 3D brings more wins …… in the brain of the gamblers. Let us look into. What happens, when a cherry or a book or a flower appears on the reels. Wow, a cherry, all people know this is a really old symbol, completely out of gamble machines. Completely out? – No, no. We know cherries not only from gambling, we know it hanging on a tree, being in our hand, which we lead to our mouth, hmmm, we know it as delicious ingredients of a cake and much more.

Back to the gamblers. What should they see, when a cherry appears on a reel? A symbol? Why do we create one by one different symbol? We create it because we want that they see more in it. They should think wow, I can win by that. And there is only one way to reach this goal. A symbol has to stimulate positive recalls. That’s it. Remember, finally, all wins are only dreams. For the most gamblers all wins end in losses. Therefore, we designers should not underrate the ‘dream component’.

And now you know why we use 3D.

Because our world is 3D and for this reason our memories are 3D. To get so more positive recalls as possible one have to stimulate with a 3D picture. Of course, doing that right is difficult. Gamblers are different, memories are different. For us, a big help is our knowledge about gambling and gamblers and our experience with the feelings during gambling. And another point is a really big thing: Knowing how human beings ‘see’ 3D.

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