Games of CreaTec Mike Tamm

ere you can see some of our games. They all are programmed with a very quick compiler and they are identical in every detail to the game, that appears later on the market.This is our advantage, we can see, hear, and feel the game during the complete design period.

Please understand that we do not show all. Usually, we show an older and not the best version. Sometimes the quality is not good (you know why) and there are also videos without sound. If you are interested in us than we arrange a situation that shows you all what we have and what we can and take it from me the end versions of our actual games are really modern and have the level of the best companies worldwide.

Click on the video you want to see. Please enlarge it and look for the actual quality setting (both down right).

Secret name – 2016

Demo versions – half quality

This is our newest and very spectacular game. Three features, the line animation, the handling and two gamble features, all that is completely new. The gamble feature, that you can see in the video, represents only our new gamble features. The real ones are unknown on the market and not only therefore really promising. All my knowledge about gamble features stuck in there. But that is not all. The game is made with a lot of psychological knowledge. We look forward to a big, unbelievable success. In every case, this is the best slot game, that I ever made. This is the reason, why we search a great company for it. We can show all the good features, because – like in all our games – we have programmed them playable as a game.

Old version (German market)

No name from Mike Tamm on Vimeo.

New version (picture)



Witch Win – 2015

German version – the international version is more modern

This is the German version, the international version has a great new handling, perfectly made for gamblers. A lot of games show always the sunny side of the slot. A few slots made it another way, they show both. The bad and the good side are represented by the black and blue witch. The fight between these witches is not all – witch-frame and witch-room feature are there, too.

Witch_Win from Mike Tamm on Vimeo.

Witch Win room feature

Demo version – half quality

This part of Witch Win shows you a special feature, never seen before in a game. It looks sensational complex, but it is not. Of course, you see an older version and only a part of it?

Games_2016_09_12 (1) from Mike Tamm on Vimeo.

Witch_Win from Mike Tamm on Vimeo.

Hidden Win – 2012

This game from 2012 for the German market is a game with many clever ideas. The game was not produced because the collaboration ended before. Here you can see our old style – our games are now more modern and future-oriented.

10_Hidden_Win_mit_Mystery_gesamt from Mike Tamm on Vimeo.

Magic Chamber – 2011

This is a part of a game from 2011. It’s based on the game Book of Ra but goes another new way. It has a huge potential. It is available and we will make it when we have found a huge ambitioned partner company that longs for Blockbuster.

Note: We do not show the best technical quality – you know why

The Magic from Mike Tamm on Vimeo.

Five books from 2013

The quality of the video ist not that great- I think you know why – the 3D room and the books are from one of our best games.

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Games on Youtube

Here you can see two games of us, filmed and played in a German play hall.  (slide to see the second video).