Why is it an advantage to be a gambler, when a slot game is designed?

Almost all companies work with mathematicians, graphic designers, composer and people who are thinking about good game concepts, but these people have never or rarely gambled. We all know two things: 1. it is possible to earn money in so doing,  2. The top games are rare. Book of Ra from Novomatic was in a package with around 30 games and the German gamblers played it 40%. I mean, this is a top game and there are reasons for such a great success. I feel it every time I meet a top game. There is something in the game, that sends a signal. Of course, games often send signals by the first game round, maybe the second or third, too. But after that, the signal dies. This is the reason, why it’s good to be a designer and a gambler by passion. Without playing a game with money nobody can see this signal. Take it from me, I can arrange a demonstration for you if you are interested in.

Is it possible that a small family team can make all these tasks?

Mike TammMarion Tamm

Of course. The most time in my career as a designer I worked alone. I did all these things like the concept, graphics, sounds, and math. And I always programmed my games to play and to simulate them. In this time I learned that effectivity (and learning) is all. Now we are an enthusiastic family, we have a lot of self-made tools and we are connected with so many great people, mathematicians, graphic artists (especially 3D and character modelling) and composers. If we need them, they help us. So, take it from me: Yes, we can. 😀

Who made this website?

The whole website is done by my wife and me.  Every text, of course, every pic, every video, and every sound are done by us.

Can Gambling be an addiction?

No! I gamble in the German and international market since I am twenty and also for years in the online market. I was CEO of a German play hall and I made many promotion actions for gamblers, like several ‘Pinball championships Berlin’, ‘Kings of the points’, ‘Winning marathon’ and so on. I’ve gambled a lot, too and I met thousands of gamblers, hundreds intensively. I listened to their life problems, their motivations for gambling and  I looked at their gambling career across decades. I never saw a person to which I would say he is addicted. Okay, they had crazy moments, but also they had crazy problems. Always when I thought that they are crazy and maybe addicted, then I asked them and heard about their actual life problems. In every case, these problems declared all.

So, Gambling is problem-free?

Of course, not. There are three big problems:

Too high undesirable money losses

– Too high guilty conscience

– Too bad reputation of gambling

The first and the second point leads to many addicted gamblers in the investigations. The third point prevents that more ‘normal’ gamblers are customers of our industry. This is a big point. I predict that all our problems at that moment will fall when more controlled gamblers are fearless and become our customers. Think it over – alone that would reduce the supposed addicted gamblers.

What is the ‘stable smell’ of gambling?

Okay, that’s not that easy to declare. It’s a feeling, which only arises from experience. How do gamblers think, when they start to gamble? About as: ‘Which game would give me my money I lost yesterday back today, the same as yesterday?’, or: ‘Which game would give me so many winnings that I can gamble with my money minimum one (or two or three) hours?’, or: ‘Which game let me win at least so much that I will get off cheaply?’. When gamblers start their gambling and have to select a game for that, in the most cases the money aspect is important. How can a gambler know this? One thing is experience and the other stuff is ………….. ‘stable smell’. We can say instead of these two words also trust. But this trust isn’t coming from the experience with this game but from the experience with all games. This also says that newbies are without this kind of orientation. So their orientation is the entertainment aspect. They think: ‘The better the look and the nicer the animation, the better I can win’. The experience of gamblers with passion is exactly reverse. If you are more interested in this issue, then ask me, the reason is a simple psychological mechanism.

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