Our logo cries for the moon


Our logo is an “impossible tribar”, known also as Penrose triangle. You can see more ‘impossible objects’ in the works of the artist M.C.Escher. It’s amazing, how impossible objects can be so created that they look useful. But there is really an important sense behind. We always think that impossible things are impossible. But it isn’t. Many things only seem impossible. When I started designing games, I stopped being a CEO of arcade halls. But in that period I learned to make impossible things possible.

logo_ani_12The German newspapers were at that time really unfriendly to the gambling industry. But it was possible to get the headline on the cover of such a newspaper. And there stood not: “Star Wars” or “Gambling and addiction”. The front page showed the winner of the Berlin pinball championship. Similar public relation we managed with radio stations and TV senders. We did this 40 years ago. At that time it seemed really impossible – like it seems today?

How to do the impossible? It’s comparatively easy. The first step is not to try it, it is to search for the terms which make it impossible. If there such terms than one can change the impossible-seeming thing to a possible-seeming. After that the trial, the work can start.


That’s our basic philosophy and for that stands our logo. We don’t try to make games like other companies (often very good). We try to learn how a slot game has to work to become a top game. If CreaTec achieves it, this would be not the first time, that we reach such a goal, it would be only the first time on the international market scene.

Our logo is, in truth, not an impossible object, it looks like that only on a photo. But it can be built for real. Objects which seems only impossible are otherwise not that simple to build. But you can learn from the impossible triangle that sometimes things only seems impossible.