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Mike Tamm

2/3D Graphics ♦ 2/3D Animation ♦ Mathematics ♦ Sounds ♦ Gambler and expert knowledge ♦ Programming ♦ New concepts ♦ Speaker


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Marion Tamm

3D Modelling ♦ Animation ♦ 3D Character Animation ♦ Mathematics ♦ Gambler knowledge


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Luisa Tamm

3D Modelling ♦ Animation ♦ Psychology/Bachelor(master student) ♦ Gambler knowledge


Slot games have to give both: money to the operators and money + luck to the gamblers. Therefore, the job of a designer is not that easy.

What is the best way?

Knowing a lot about the gamblers, being a gambler, knowing much about luck and bad luck, being top in graphics and composition, knowing how to combine graphic and sound to an emotional event, doing math not like a typical mathematician, letting the data alive exactly as they are alive for the gamblers, knowing the main points of psychology, especially passion and fate handling.

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Phone: +49 5482 974060, Mike Tamm

Skype: mike.tamm777

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