Modern Gambling

An article

What is modern gambling? Read here about our ideas and our practice. We make slots for both, for magnificent success and for sustainable future. No bulk commodity. Always slots with a good chance for the top position, being on target for gambler’s favour.

Saying ‘modern slot’ is that easy, to make a modern slot not. One could make modern graphics or modern sound, but, of course, it creates only a modern looking game. A modern game is more. Firstly it means that the feeling is another and then, that the gamblers are excited because the sense of the game is …

– novel
– fair/transparent
– with influence possibilities (feeling)
– gambling oriented (very important)
– image friendly and multifaceted

In the past, one has to find out a new technique, to find out what is modern respectively what is seminal. The gambling machines and later the first video slots were comparatively simple. But the new world and the new techniques grew rapidly. Making a slot game today resembles the standing in a rich land of possibilities. Diversity is really wonderful, but at the same time, it increases the probability of errors. And even good games lose the chance of being a top game by only one big mistake. For example, it is the same as with a grain of sand in a motor.

The old ones are out, of course. But one thing isn’t. It is the gamble feeling. A slot game needs to have the “stable smell”. A lot of games today have the smell of entertainment and that is the reason why they don’t get gamblers favour. Entertainment is fun for less or at least not that big money. You spend money on entertainment and you get definitely fun. Gambling means that you get perhaps fun or perhaps money or perhaps victories or perhaps defeats, maybe deep defeats. For entertainment you give the money, you want to give and not more. In gambling, you never know before, what it will cost. It’s risk taking instead of pure fun.

The costs are not calculable. And that’s the point. If the important features are near entertainment, the real gamblers react as usual in life: entertainment means to give money and to get fun, but just not money.  So the coherent conclusion is: a game with a spectacular entertainment is a game, that gives not money back and moreover, it is made for that. Let’s say: it’s simulating gambling, but it’s only a “profit machine” for the casino.

Of course, all slots are made for that and a true gambler knows it, anytime – except at the time he wants to gamble!!!!! Therefore, no thought or emotion should remember him at that time. It’s possible to say: Gambling is a fight against reality.

And this is the main point of all: to assemble a game idea, rules, math, graphics, effects and sounds to a game with the special stable smell of gambling. That our bought software is the best on the market and our self-made software is unrivaled, that we are professional and excellent in using all our instruments, that we are very creative and that we know a lot about gambling and additionally we are able to feel it, is only necessary for one thing: to put it into the main point, that allows the gamblers to smell “the stable” and the well-known emotion of fate. To read more about the ‘stable smell’ click here, this leads you to FAQ