Book of Ra idea

Note: the concept is non-exclusive

Fair Price: 9,900.- Euro, in two pieces (Germany: zzgl. MwSt)

1. Script: 3,400.- Euro, when you receive my script

2. Acceptance (when you decide to produce the concept): 6,500.- Euro

Contingency fee: Provided that the success is big, I await an appropriate contingency fee, but you are completely free to pay it (Let me try to motivate you only by the quality of my strict gambler-focussed game concepts).

One of the best slot games ever is Book of Ra from Novomatic. I think it’s also the most copied game, only in Germany I counted nearly 100 copies. Of course, most of them are passed. And the reasons for that were often the same: no understanding of the structure of the game. The most copies were made by what the designers saw and not by what they gamblers feel when playing Book of Ra with money.

Every game has a structure and sends special signals to the gamblers. To say it with very simple words: The most important signal is the answer to gambler’s standard question:

Do I have a chance to get minimum my money back?

Whether a game ‘answers’ often with YES or with NO depends on the different signals in the different situations. ‘Situation’ means in this case not game-situation but balance situation in relation to gambler’s actual emotional status.

I don’t have to write that Book of Ra signals the gamblers more YES than NO. I would like to quote here a player with these his words: ‘You can say about Book of Ra what you want but finally it is the game which rescues you more often than others.’

Why all these words? The answer is because I want to convince you that it is a good idea to buy a concept from me which is able to become the successor of Book of Ra. Really new ideas, not to be seen at first glance that it is Book of Ra, but it has the same structure (not a copy of the game, but a copy of the emotions).

For the German version click → Konzept Book of Ra

The script “New game-concept Book of Ra” contains the following:

  • Short analysis of Book of Ra – the main points for its success
  • A new game idea for the feature trigger symbol
  • New: Special additional Top-Win
  • New: Simple but powerful idea – as naturally as it is at Book of Ra – for the symbol choice at the beginning of the feature games
  • New: Alternative psychological proposals for the book symbol
  • Advice for working themes
  • New: How to create an effective 3D-figure, 100% suitable to Book of Ra
  • Thoughts about the math