Online Casino analysis

Price: 3,500.- Euro (Germany: zzgl. MwSt)

If you order in 2017: 2,850.- Euro
(Germany: zzgl. MwSt)

You receive: Pictures and videos, which are commented on in a script. Go through step by step and learn to see your casino with other eyes.

Made by a for over 40 years experienced gambler as well as by an experienced game designer. I know the biggest and many small online casinos. Participate!

Insights in the feeling of gamblers visiting an online casino.

Structure of your Analysis

And now an important sentence: Players/gamblers have bad casinos in their mind when they visit your casino. If you bring a very good structure to your casino and give players very good “guideposts”, then you will make much more money, especially from those players who enter your casino for the first time and are accordingly unsure.

An analysis of your casino includes everything. The first step is the registering and some gambling sessions with money. All the difficulties I recognize will be documented by videos, pictures and careful notes. I repeat the (emotional and typically gambler) process ‘Sign in – pay in – gambling’ often, with and without claiming a bonus. Only after some sessions, I will analyze your casino with the mind (especially the usability I will investigate from both sides).

In this manner you get both:

  • Critical points which are quickly overlooked by knowing it intern.
  • How gamblers ‘move’ and what they want.