Character Animation

What is more personal than a person? What is more similar to a lucky charm? And what is more complex than a being or a creature made in 3D and therefore near to these things which are from our lives and out of our dreams.

Gambling is a merry-go-round of deep and essential emotions.

And one of the motivators for emotional gambling is a selective retention. What does this mean? It means, that the game has to send stimulation which recalls exactly the sectors in gambler’s memory which are able to satisfy their inner search.

Gambling is the call for lucky moments exactly at that moment when the gambler cannot find one in life.

If it’s true then it’s true as well, that the stronger and more exact is a stimulation, the better is the feeling. Yes, the engine of the merry-go-round is the money, but the exaltation and passion let the money forget and starts the game of the emotions. And that is what gamblers earn when they are taking risk, called in simple words gambling.

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