CreaTec Graphics

We are able to create the complete graphics for your game. Spend your game a new, player-focused atmosphere with more chances of success

Our graphics are something special. At first glance, our graphics are not as attractive as many others, especially not so spectacular. That’s because the purpose of our graphics is not just to attract players, but also to keep players in the game.

The task of our graphics is to gradually gain the trust of the players. A game that promises a lot through its graphics must also hold a lot. Graphics, which develop their effect slowly, hold in comparison more than they seemed to promise at first.

Nevertheless, we also make spectacular graphics. But the spectacular unfolds in the animations and in a psychological way. Our advantage is to know or better to feel how the look of a game, along with its other components, changes after hours of play and especially in the eyes of ‘true’ gamblers.

It’s both the gaze as a player we have and the use of modern graphics:

3D symbols

3D character animation