Gamble Feature

Our speciality

We do many things inimitably, but one thing we are very special and this is designing gamble features. This is a great speciality of CreaTec resulting from the German ecpoeriences. In Germany the gamble features played a big role over decades. Gambling without the gamble feature, called gamble ladder, was unimaginable in Germany. Across the years the gamble feature was modified by more than ten variations, all very interesting. We have huge experience with gamble features, as designers and as gamblers and of course we know the international gamble features intensively.  They are far away from the successes, which the gamble feature had in Germany and there are big reasons for.

We know ….

  • … about the psychological background
  • … what is necessary to motivate gamblers
  • … one should absolutely avoid
  • … what are the ‘must’ and the ‘can haves’
  • how to adapt step by step (!) the German gamble ladder for the international market

If you want to know more about the igniting potential let’s have a talk.

The right kind of gamble-feature let explode the success of a game.