Gambler insights

The way to a casino leads often via a bonus offer. This could be an adventure for newbies, who want to have such a bonus – and even for experienced players/gamblers, too. Sometimes the bonus is only for gamblers who had paid in last month and sometimes you cannot pay out winnings or only a small amount. Of course, there is no note in the e-mail. A few casinos offer a really great system to get a bonus, the most let you run through a dark forest. And there are other ‘highlights’:

  •  You have clicked a link at the casino site or you have clicked an e-mail link and what is to see: games? No. You look all over and cannot find the links to the games. Then, at the end, you shorten the address in your browser and start a new access. This brings you to a side with games – ahh (gasp of relief). But what’s that? Only 12 games? Can’t be a good casino, maybe a bingo site. So, often I thought it’s better to go away – at the end, I find in tiny letters: all games.
  • What is the best of every online casino, viewed with the eyes of a gambler?  Of course, the games. But how could gamblers find out the quality of the games, if they have to scroll endlessly, then he chooses one game, finds out it is not that great, and have to start scrolling from the beginning again – phew, troublesome.
  • It’s rare, that a casino offers good entrance animation. Normally, one has the expectation that there is a helping hand for newbies and for the experienced visitors a short way. But nothing.

Okay, I stop now, fearing you do not want to read further. 😉 But take it from me, a lot of casinos have such ‘dead ends’ and only some are really friendly looking and have helpful offers for those who started their casino adventure firstly. The most are like a labyrinth where even experienced gamblers have difficulties.