Gambler Knowledge

We design slot games with a great knowledge and deep understanding of gamblers. We are gamblers for ourselves and we are friend with a lot of different kinds of gamblers. We are part of gambler groups and we look for those groups every time, German and international groups. These are groups with gamblers who search fun, search adventures, and who are the greatest adventurers or – this is the other side – who are enemies of themselves (these are gamblers who describe themselves as addicted and hate that, which means that they hate themselves). This is a big problem for those humans as it is a problem for the reputation of gambling and therefore of the gambling industry, too.

But it’s more than only a problem, it’s also a chance to find out what the worth of gambling is. Take it from me! Why do so many people lose so much money? Are they crazy? – No. – They are looking for something. They sometimes need something. It’s something that all people are looking for: happy moments.  Gambling is useful. And observing gamblers and gambling should be also very useful for designers. Gamblers who passionately believe in addiction, are on occasion super motivated to talk about that and they are often very good tellers. Speak with a gambler for an hour and you will get the feeling that gambling is taken from real life.

Don’t think you cannot see or hear anything when you observe gamblers. Don’t think you can not feel anything playing a slot game by yourself. Translating your observations and your feelings in a practical theory for the design work, that is the crux of the matter. But it’s possible. I do this for forty years and wrote about 150 analysis about slots. And I have the luck that all of my family are gambles and share their experiences for more than 10 years with me. And still more luck: we own the perspective of the most important gambler types:

  • male, female
  • young, middle aged, old
  • gamble often, not so often, rare
  • low, middle, high stakes
  • gamble with a cool head, with passion, uncontrolled
  • money slots, social online games

Our experiences bring us nearer to the point of success. A very important point is, we know there is nothing you can give a gambler directly. And we know what we have to put into the ‘box’. It is not the same which is later coming out.

The reason for all that is, gamblers don’t wait what will come out and then interpret that (like, for example, people do this by looking a film). Gamblers start their own game inside their psyche before playing a slot. They await something special and their ‘inner game’ is at the same time the motivation for gambling. If you want to compare that with something, then a stunt is a good example. The stunt for itself is comparatively nothing, the thing before and after this is the main goal. So not the slot makes the game, but rather the gamblers use the slot for ‘their games’. That’s why a good game is not a good looking game or a game which howsoever produces good events. A good game is a game which matches optimally with the inner game of the gamblers.

Of course, there are many different ‘inner games’ and that’s the reason why gamblers choose different slot games. But the reason why so many games are played, let’s say near all on the market, is not a thing of their needs. It’s a thing of their search because the most slots on the market give the gamblers entertainment and not gambling. This means at the same time that there is a big chance to realize the big thing. We are on the way.

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