Golden Rules Offer

Price: 4,200 Euro (Deutschland zzgl. MwSt)
Script part 1 (The rules), Script part 2 (your questions), discussion

Note: Script part 1 is non-exclusive.

Preliminary note: The following are not only rules about Slot Game Design, these are rules about ‘how to design a Blockbuster Slot’. In other words: How to satisfy the players and especially the gamblers. The rules coming out of 40 years in the gambling industry and 25 years game design, as well as of being a gambler with contacts to many other players and gamblers for 45 years.

Part 1 – The golden rules

You will receive a script that describes the rules and their sense and meaning in detail.

Part 2 – Your questions

Afterwards, we will discuss the script (via E-mail, Phone or Skype) and you will put questions together respectively we do it jointly. I’ll go into these in the second part of the script, which makes it tailor-made for you.

Part 3 – Discussing

After it, you will get the chance to discuss it with me until it’s 100% clear for you, which way you want to go (there are always different ways ‘leading to Rome’).

Yes, it’s  not possible to learn directly how to create blockbuster slots, but it’s possible to learn how to avoid mistakes and it’s possible to learn a lot of the feeling of gambling without being a gambler. The feelings of the players/gamblers these are the key to unique successes.