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We offer …

… for Design Companies

  • Complete slot games (it remains only the programming)
  • Refreshing one of your existing games  (be sure, you will be surprised by the gambler-oriented result)
  • Single tasks:
    • Game concepts, ideas
    • Graphics, animations
    • Sounds
    • Math,
    • 3D-effects (figures)
    • Trailers
  • Analysis of one of your game (we are experienced in that)
  • Our speciality: German and total new gamble-features (we have spectacular new ideas for this upcoming feature)
  • Gambler knowledge transfer

… for Online Casinos

  • Complete Slot Games (if you are able to program it)
  • Revolutionary new Online Casinos – concept
  • Analysis of one of your casinos (all details)
  • Graphics and sound (to be top attractive)
  • Gambler knowledge – new service and bonus offers

… for Machine Manufacturers

  • Gambling Entertainment – concept


  • Better reputation for gambling – concept
  • Gambler survey

For all interested …

... in gambling is our blog. Discuss with us.

Our web bbook of CreaTeclog is full of thoughts about our work, but also about gambling generally. Our blog is for potential partner companies and for connecting people in the gambling industry to bear fruits for all of us. You can search for special themes on the top of the site. If you are interested in collaboration or deeper information don’t hesitate to contact us. Use the  contact form or the skype button. Blog with us, send us a post, let us know your thoughts, or write a comment.

And now, take a peek at the trailer below, which shows some pieces out of our games and give you a little inside of one of our special capabilities (for that and for companies is the trailer made, it’s no game trailer).

You can optimise the quality (HD) or enlarge the video (X), look at the below on the right of the video – Graphics, animation, and music from CreaTec Mike Tamm & Team.

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