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New slots are often not more than the enhancements of the old slots. Only a few companies have started to make real modern slot games. CreaTec prefers this and our first point is to present brand new challenges for the gamblers – this is, in my opinion, the fundamental requirement for all design companies today. Tomorrow our guests are the so-called millennials, a complete other generation than every generation before.

Entertainment is not that important – but necessary for newbies. Themes are not that important – more important is the unit with the game. Reels are not that important – more important is the random character. Great animations are not that important – more important is the consistency of sense and animation. A glorious sound is not that important – more important is the fusion of feature, graphics/animation and sound. And so on and on. But …..

… what is important?

Important is the edge. Edge? Yes, this small thing between luck on the one side and bad luck on the other. That is important overall. Gambling is like going a narrow and risky path in a mountainous region. Because without the risk of falling down the edge no lucky hit would be meaningful. It’s often thought that happiness is the big thing in gambling – but this is only one of many feelings (like relief, anger, frustration, obstinacy and so on).

I design slot games with the widespread knowledge and deep understanding of what is important for gamblers. I don’t throw spaghettis at the wall and wait, which will stick (thanks to Diana Gruber for this great sentence). I am searching the way to the top.

There is a reason why gamblers trust in one particular game and let off others.

To find out the reason why and how they gamble, one has to know what they feel. I know how it happens when the trust in that one game increases. And that’s my basis to do a work with high risk. We all know that the best games have new components inside. These should have a special attraction which triggers gamblers to change their behavior. The more the gamblers change their behavior (e.g. take risks they never took before), the more their trust is able to grow. Risk taking is the main element of gambling overall and the crucial difference between entertainment and pure gambling.

Surprise a gambler and you have won him half.

The new globalized world will bring us step by step further to the new way of gambling and further to games which have more mathematics and psychology inside. I design games in this manner and every design process is an expedition into a new land.

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