Know-how Transfer

If you do not know if you can trust us and you find many things interesting to us, then take a small first step. Find out what we know about the slots and the players.

Slot game design is not as easy as making canned food. You can not just bite into it and decide if it tastes good or not.

The big unknown is the gambler and the deeper meaning of gambling. That’s why anyone who has anything to do with it, and especially any startup, has questions that are directly related to the game and the players.

Ask me, 40 years of industry experience, 25 years slot game design (former Germany, now international) and 45 years of experience with and as a player/gambler.

Five questions for 500.- Euro. Once you have received my answers, let us discuss via skype, phone or e-mail.

Is this a attractive and uncomplicated introductory offer for you?