Kinds of Math

To make our Mathematics alive we add the components Analysis and Psychology to it. This allows creating three sorts of games (select the one that is the best for you).

Good games

A game math which is simple and based on a calculated math. There is only one reel strip set (maybe a second for the freespins). Quick made is this sort of math suitable for working games.

Top games

Additionally, to the math calculation, the game is simulated. This allows the adding of a lot of data exploration. We call it Lucky Player Simulation what means that the simulation is based on different player/gambler behaviours. With it, we create a lot of data allowing many insights into the real happening game events. It’s like looking under a microscope at the volatility data. The big advantage is, of course, to see how modifications have an influence on those situations which makes gamblers ‘happy’.

Blockbuster games

Even the best mathematical data collection is not complete. What is missing is the interpretation by the players/gamblers. Because we have a mighty design tool we are able to play one of our games in every design phase. So, we feel the results of our thoughts. 40 years as a gambler and in contact with 1000’s of gamblers allows to realize which points are important – and such points are often not the expected ones.

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Mathematics is the inner life of the game