Math and game simulation tool


We program tools for designing the best games. We are a small family team. So our work has to be effective.

Animations: We want to surprise the gamblers (and our partner companies). So we have to offer great graphic animations which are never seen before. To be effective we program our own ‘grafic makers’ and we programm effects as part of the game, too.

Mathematics: Our math should be secure. So we have to program math tools which ensure this and allow us to make a lot of variants for finding the best.

Game: We know about the right or wrong feelings, the “smell of stable”. So we had to develop a software, which allows us to test this ‘feeling’. This software at the end of every game programming is as well a playable game as a tool for testing the game in different ways. One way is the math simulation with its many analysing tools.

Picture made by Marion und Mike Tamm with Blender, After effects and Illustrator: symbol (3D) ladybug.