New games

New games

Looking at the games in Online Casinos one can see old slots, new slots, scratch cards and sometimes a few more or less strange games and – that’s a serious exception – the Tetris-like games of Play’n Go (e.g. Moon Princess).

We are able to create such Play’n Go games because we program all games for ourself (for testing by playing and calculating/analysing by simulation). Also, we are able to create fascinating graphics and animations what is a really important point for such games.

There is another way to compete the unique market position of Play’n Go. This is to create a new sort of games. Such tasks are the most welcome challenges for CreaTec since I am in the gambling industry – after all, for more than 40 years.

We deliver you concepts,  partial tasks of such a game or the complete game (for programming in your company).

Get in contact if you are interested in a brand-new sort of games.

The best challenge is always a new challenge.