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Always new design ideas. And that does not mean game ideas. All our games are based on a plan. How can we catch the trust of the gamblers? How can we give them for what they search: moments of luck, being completely away from life problems, having the illusion to be a winner and in the best of all cases being a ‘darling of fortune’?

Our ideas for plans are all coming out of the mysterious atmosphere which represents gambling.

Gambling has to do with superstition, not in a serious way, more in a playful way. But there is a component in gambling, which has to do with believing in unreal things. For example to be always a winner or to be a winner today like it has been yesterday and the day before.

Looking on the worldwide slot games you see vast numbers of ideas. Okay, you see a lot of copies, too. But a lot of games have great ideas and many of them are very different. On the other side, most of them could not celebrate big success. So, there must be a reason which split up ideas in suitable and inappropriate. And another point: game ideas have to be staged in a suitable manner. To do this is not a process of thinking, one has to do it by feelings. And for that, it is necessary to have experience in gambling, minimum in understanding gamblers.

We are designers and gamblers. We can decide, which idea is suitable and which is difficult to implement. This is beneficial for us and it springs out from our widespread knowledge of gambling. The following shows how we got the widespread knowledge about gamblers, not only out of books:

  • we are gamblers ourselves
  • we had and have contacts up to thousands of gamblers, directly and via groups worldwide
  • Mike wrote 150 analysis about slots

To be gamblers and the contact to gamblers gave us the feelings, writing so much analysis about games enabled us to translate the feelings in thoughts, words, and sentences. The connection between feeling and mind is one of our ‘treasures’.

This is the reason why we know which ideas are useful. There is another reason why our games were so extraordinary successful and some of them were on the top-position. This is that we start not with an idea, but with a plan. The plan is the leitmotif, not the idea. The idea or the ideas are the vehicles to reach targets, they are part of the strategy and the strategy is the central point of our work. So, we do not make our ideas stronger by doing math, graphic, animation and sound work, we try to unfold our plan by them.

Last but not least to have new design ideas means both: ideas for games and ideas for the work process. That’s the reason why we have a lot of self-made software, to work with new methods and to control our work optimal, especially the math work.

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