Partial game design

If we have time for it, we do also partial game design. In any case, we should know the exact plan of the game or should see/hear the existing parts. For example, to make the sound for an animation there is a 100% need to see the graphics because the best way is to merge both to one coherent effect (like it is in films).



Please have a look at the points → With specification and → Book of Ra.



All graphics of this website are done by us. You can also directly look at Pictures.



There are many old-styled animations here on this website. Our speciality is 3D. If you have wishes let us know them and we send you samples. We are able to do a lot of styles (but we would always make it in a way that suits gambling).



Please have a look at Sounds.



In our games, we make a very special complicated math. This means that we can do all kinds of math, because if we can do complicated math than we can do simple, too – of course.  😉

Prices: by arrangement

We deliver (in your mode, format, size, etc.)

  • the graphic files
  • the animation files (if applicable with control files)
  • The sound files
  • the math files (reel strips)
  • math manuals
  • mathematical check of your software possible