Predefined game concepts

Fair Price: (Germany: zzgl. MwSt)

Concept: 9,900.- Euro, in two pieces

1. Script: 3,400.- Euro, when you receive my script

2. Acceptance (when you decide to produce the concept): 6,500.- Euro

Contingency fee: Provided that the success is big, I await an appropriate contingency fee, but you are completely free to pay it (Let me try to motivate you for it alone by the quality of my strict gambler-oriented game concepts).

Note: the concept is non-exclusive if you do not decide to produce it.

Why should you need predefined game concepts?

Maybe you have a game in your mind, but you are unsure how to realise it exactly. Such a situation is readily thinkable. Brand-new ideas have great prospects but also a great risk potential. Ordering a concept from outside brings alternatives and fruitful thoughts into your company.

Also in our industry applies that more know-how is generating more profit. And the best know-how is about the gambling feeling. One has to eat if one produces food. One has to gamble if one produces slot games. Of course, not all people are able to ‘take risk’ (this is essentially gambling) in a manner that’s good for them. And, perhaps, you do not want that your employees gamble. But I do it – for over 40 years. I have written 150 analysis and I am able to translate the feelings in words for others.

This is the point: If you want a new concept for a game, more or less predefined, you will get the concept and the exact explanation, why I propose this or that element. In other words, I transfer simultaneously gambler know-how into your company.