The goal of CreaTec is to design the world’s best slot game. We have a lot of abilities to reach this top target, especially our knowledge about the luck component, which has to be inside a game and which is missing in the most games on the market. But success is not only a thing of “this luck inside”, we all know, that luck is a component during the design process, too. Therefore we try to reduce this insecurity. We do this in building up know-how as much as we can. One part of this strategy are cooperations with international designers.

What is ProGame4u Tamm & Partner?

It is a cooperation between CreaTec Mike Tamm & Team and international game designers, working together for one or more projects. Everyone is working at their own risk and the constellation may be different.

Mike TammMike: We, CreaTec, makes ProGame, in any case, extraordinary. We are focused on making slots with the ‘soul of gambling’ inside. Our games are more than just exciting entertainment. For it, we have to understand how gamblers tick. And we know – and more – we feel that. The reason is actually simple: most of us are real money gamblers for decades and all of us are fascinated by this special and completely adult typical game.

Marion Tamm

Marion: ‘Adult typical? Read our articles and our posts and get to know more about gambling, the dangerous, of course, but nevertheless so wonderful side of life. Then there is no doubt, gambling is completely a part of life. We know how and this know-how is widespread: It’s about gamblers. It’s about ten thousands of games on the world market. It’s about the skills of the companies and much more. All things which are well known by insiders of our industry, too. But saying We know how is more: It’s especially about the secrets of game design. You can find out more by reading our blog. Here only one important sentence.

The success of a slot game is its reputation.

Luisa Tamm

Luisa Tamm

Luisa: You can make efforts to increase the quality of a game, but you cannot simply make a top game with these efforts. This is a process kicked off by a lot of different factors, and one of these is the gambler himself. Therefore, you can only do something to increase the possibilities for the becoming-a-top-game-process. And this is exactly what we mean with We know how. Our know-how rises from both sides: the industry side (analysing a lot of successes and flops) and the gambler side (feeling the growing-ups and falling-downs of games).

These words describe our position. We look for partners to work with us in this manner. The possibilities for that are diverse. Of course, you should find that our thoughts near yours. You should also have ambition and passion. The whole world creates slot games, so it’s not necessary that we should do that like they do. If you are interested in contact us.


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