A really good point is to control a work. Especially in our industry and still more as a slot game designer (the origin of all revenue), there is a big need to find out how to do it. We see thousands of slots coming and going.

But how to control the quality of a slot game work? There is no criterium inside a slot which can be placed on a scale. Nevertheless, there is a way to control a work: to compare two slot games, made by two different designers.

There are many slots on the market, which deserved a better success because one big or some important bugs destroyed its quality.

Therefore, I strive for such a task, refreshing a slot game which has disappointed the expectations. If we do it by profit sharing and only a small fix fee, there is a low risk, but a lot of experience possible and by doing it tough a lot of money at the end, too.

Price: by arrangement

For refreshing one of your game we need:

  • An occasion to play it
  • Your graphic files
  • Your sound files
  • If requested math files (reel strips/more)

The files can be watermarked or with less quality. All we need to see is your mode, format, size, etc.