Empathy for gamblers



One of our specifics is the knowledge about the psychological structure of a slot game. There is a  special relationship between a slot game and a gambler. If a game gives a winning both is possible: pleasure and anger. This depends on that what the gambler has won or lost. In one case the win is very welcome and in the other way it is not enough for the gambler. This illustrates the speciality of gambling. The most games send great signals when they give a little win. But that’s not what happens in the view of the gambler.

This is only one point, which declares that we have empathy. There are many points more. Let me say it in this words: we understand gamblers because we are gamblers by ourselves. And we feel the right way in the up and downs which games deliver and more: we have empathy to all gamblers generally.

They search for a special thing in life and if they cannot find it in the real world they search it in another world. But, note, that is not the world of gambling, it’s the inner psychological ‘world’ of the gamblers. Therefore, gambling is not a game of winnings and losses, but it’s a game of the different ‘psychological goals’ of a gambler. This declares why both, winnings, and losses, can make a gambler happy or let’s say freer than before the gambling session. Nobody becomes a gambler without having such a secret goal in his psyche. Gambling is more than entertainment.

Picture made by Mike and Marion Tamm with Blender, Illustrator, Photoshop, part of the study “Palace”