Blockbuster Slot game design

Blockbuster Slot Games for big players

If I would design a slot for you, then you get no paperwork, none Imaginary stuff instead you can see a game like it is later when it is produced. That gives you the total control about what we give to you. Blockbuster Slots are the most ambitioned slots of us. Blockbuster means that the objective of the work is to create a goal with a big success around the world for a decade.

Read about the highlights of one of our top-ambitioned-games:

  • New: Four brand-new features
  • New: Two gamble-features (optional)
  • New: Most modern 3D-graphics and 3D-animations
  • New: 3D-figures (with win-function, not to entertain)
  • New: In-game programmed cinema-effects
  • New: Modern optimised usability
  • New: Psychological reel run
  • Win prediction
  • New: Blinking pay-lines, borders and tags
  • Reel action
  • New: Strict player oriented Big-Win-animations (!)
  • Magic signs and sounds
  • New: Modern mathematics (instead of average math)
  • Integrated „promotional tool“

(New means: never seen before in another game)

Fix fee and profit sharing

1. XX,000.- Euro fix fee, when I have delivered all

2. XX% profit sharing

3. After the first XX,000.- Euro shared profit, fix fee can be charged

In this way, you get the game for free and be sure that’s my goal that you earn much more with one of my games than with each of yours. 

We deliver (in your mode, format, size, etc.)

  • all graphic files
  • all animation files (if applicable with control files)
  • all sound files
  • all math files (reel strips)
  • programming manuals
  • Example videos (they show exactly what to do)
  • program code examples (logical structure)
  • mathematical check of your software

Have a look at one of our blockbuster candidates