Top Game Design

Our knowledge about the gambler behaviour enables us to make our work in various directions. Normally, all projects with completely new styles or/and features have a high-risk potential. Our player experience reduces the risk and lets the success potential increase significantly.

We fulfil many tasks, exemplary the three following points:

Research projects

The requirement for a concept has many faces and the world market, too.  And there is more, for example, the target groups. Usually, the handwriting of a design team is easily recognisable. The result is, that they have success in a particular area. But gambling is the same everywhere in the world.  It’s the gambler who matters and makes the difference. This means that we have the courage to accept challenges, for example, to create a game that should be successful all over the world. Okay, it’s a huge challenge but it’s not impossible. I know a promising way. Trying risky things – that’s typical me and brought me the great successes in Germany. You can order complete games, we can also work together on a project.

Predefined projects

Nevertheless, companies normally define goals and predefine games. And this is also a way to use our experience. If you give us a more or less exact description, we are able to realise what you have in your mind. Maybe CreaTec makes the whole game, but it is also possible that we do it with one of our suitable partners (in every case an experienced game design freelancer). It depends on the nature of the task. For example, such a project could be a game, especially for the German market, using our longtime experience of the German market. If you are interested in, tell us your target and we will ask you some questions to define the project in a manner that you can decide about an order.

Innovative projects

To innovate the slot scene there are more ways:

  • One of these ways is the way of NetEnt, Yggdrasil or NextGen with their focus on entertainment. We are firm in 3D-graphics and therefore, making graphics in a modern mode (trying to find brand-new ways, we do not go along the skill game ways).
  • My preferred way is to focus on modern gambling. This is inevitably associated with ‘not too much entertainment’.
  • For gambling one needs only one dice – nearest to this are gambling features.
  • A third way is to create new gambling games, those which are not slots or only a little bit.

Price: by arrangement

We deliver (in your mode, format, size, etc.)

  • all graphics files
  • all animation files (if applicable with control files)
  • all sound files
  • all math files (reel strips)
  • programming manuals
  • example videos (they show exactly what to do)
  • program code examples (logical structure)
  • mathematical check of your software