One of the most famous slot games is Starburst from NetEnt. The success is, of course, based on the fact that a lot of casinos used and using Starburst to give free spins promotion to the gamblers. But there are also some reasons more. Starburst is better known than a lot of identical games, like Power Star and Shooting Star (Novomatic) or Fruit Zen (Betsoft) because it is gambler-like made.

What is that so special? There is the graphic, of course, perfectly coordinated, not too promising, not too strange, new and well-known at the same time. And there is a really good and especially simple, effective idea.

But the game is also missing something. To create this game more modern something is to add. Read this in our game concept. Read also how we would make the graphics (one of the most important points of Startburst).

The concept contains new ideas, not to see on the first view that it is Starburst, but the concept follows the same logical structure. It is an improvement of Starburst (no copy, but with a gambler feeling nearby the original).

The script New game-concept Starburst contains the following:

  • Short analysis of Starburst – the main points for its success
  • New: Special Superstars
  • New: Alternative psychological proposals for the star symbol
  • Advice for working themes
  • New: How to create an effective 3D-figure, 100% suitable to the Starburst-idea
  • Important thoughts about the math


Note: the concept is non-exclusive

Fair Price: 9,900.- Euro, in two pieces, (Germany: zzgl. MwSt)

1. Script: 3,400.- Euro

2. Acceptance (you decide to produce the concept): 6,500.- Euro

Contingency fee: Provided that the success is big, we await an appropriate contingency fee, but you are free to pay it (we try to motivate you for it by the quality of our strict gambler-oriented game concepts).