There are two kinds of surveys, one to collect statistical data and one to collect psychological data. Statistical data mean age, education, gamble frequency and so on. This would be very easy to assess, but it’s not what I intend. I also do not offer the complete investigation but assigning the questionnaire.

It would be very useful for design companies and online casinos to get to know the players better than currently. And this means to explore

  • gambler’s behaviour
  • gambler’s wishes
  • as well as gambler’s personality.

Could it be that gamblers have a very special personality?

For example, are they conspicuously stingy or scary, are there more depressive people among them, are they remarkably motivated and at the same time emotionally blocked?

Gambling is like playing, a behaviour which has effects on the lack of a human being’s psyche. In this way, gambling has the same motivation basis as playing and there is a relation between the personality and the behaviour. This also describes why one person is a gambler and another isn’t.

Finding out what traits define a gambler’s personality best, leads to the following important results:

  1. The psychological structure of gamblers – useful to make better slots
  2. The psychological structure of potential gamblers – useful to acquire more gamblers

To run a survey in this manner it’s necessary to have know-how about the gamblers. Professional know-how enables to create the right questions (survey items) and to estimate the right correlations. And this is exactly what I can do for such a project, supported by my daughter ( psychology) who is very experienced in psychological surveys.

Price: by arrangement

We offer questionnaire, support, evaluation