The 10 golden CreaTec rules

Looking around we see many strategies for slot games. They all work – some more some less. CreaTec has another goal, we look for the absolute top game. This means that only a few strategies remain. And that determines our rules.

Gambling is greatRule 1: Big Win

Let the player know within a few spins, what the Big Win is able to give.


Winning cherry symbolRule 2: Feature

Let the player feel within the first 100 spins how the main features work. This is difficult and has to do with boosting the hope.


Rolling diceRule 3: Secret

Let the player feel the power of secret and magic. Slots are not real stuff.


SymbolRule 4: Trust

Don’t give the gambler a cause for breaching his trust. Don’t promise more than the game can give.


Slot symbolRule 5: Graphic

Gamblers are adults. Never show them their childhood or other infantile dreams.


World of gamblingRule 6: Sound

The animations and the sounds have to come together to one unit like when watching a film.


Symbol sevenRule 7: Effects

An animation represents the sense of a feature or an event. It is no show element.


Coin machineRule 8: Math

The happy medium is the best way. All extreme things are for target audiences.


gambling orientationRule 9: New and …

First of all, a game has to promise something new. So a gambler can forget the losses of the past.


Full houseRule 10: … and well-known

Because a game has to prove that one can trust it, in a manner that is known to the gamblers.