Gambling is great

How we can work or blog together

logo_ani_12How to work together

Our focus is the creating of top slot games and that is what we do for that:

  • Plan (strategy) –> game ideas selection –> concept
  • Programming a  version with our self-made design tools
  • Graphics – animations – sound – mathematics – the game can go on

After that, the real work starts

Synthesis ( a special work process)

We test it all!

  • Changing all components (graphics, sounds) from spin to spin to optimise the psychological effects
  • Creating many math versions, searching for and discussing new ways
  • Looking at the process with numerous statistical data
  • Making simulations with billions of spins
  • Playing the game between 50.000 and 100.000 spins
  • Selecting the combination with the best gambling feeling and the closest to our strategic goal

Only if our data and our gambling feeling say ‘yes’ then we deliver to our partner:

  • Par sheet, all graphic, sound, animation and math files
  • For programming: manual, videos, program code examples

Let’s say we give what we can do best: a game. For your company, it remains the technical software aspect.

Contact us. Test us. Try one first project. And don’t worry about money. You will go through that you will earn much more money than with every of your projects before. Because we have one big gain:  we know how gamblers tick.


How to blog together

Write us that you want to send us a post and we change your state to a contributor. Then you can send posts to our blog. We need to release your contribution. We hope you understand why.

This blog is for introducing our capabilities and our work, of course. But it is also for you and all people which are very interested in gambling. Let’s blog together to learn more about that fascinating stuff, that is called gambling and is present all over the world.