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How CreaTec works

Graphics: exactly like an employee in your graphics units, using 3Ds max, Blender, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects and much more. Exactly? Hmmm, maybe a little bit in another way, because we also use some self-programmed software. With it, we are able to do special 3D graphics quicker, more complex and more effective. We also use program code in the games to generate global effects (also mask-oriented).

Mathematics: Our math is player and gambler focussed and 100% secure. We calculate the main data and simulate the whole math by our simulation-, our additional speed-simulation., and the Play-the-Game-tool, all together many billions of spins. We let the old ‘average ways’ behind us. Our math is spritely and our focus is also on those spins which are without winnings. Our math has exactly that spirit for what gamblers search and do not find in that many slots. We know the main points and these are not only the sunny sides of winnings.

Sounds: We use Cubase and work in the same way as your composers. But one thing is different to many slots. Our sounds are not for ears only, they ‘explain’ that what the eyes see, too. The brain of a gambler does not see graphics and does not hear sounds, gamblers undergo both as one single emotional event.

Animation: We work like your graphic artists and additionally we do write programm code for special picture modifications. Our animations are based on 3D symbols or characters and we have a special work mode to bring 3D to best effect (based on scientific knowledge about 3D vision).

Videos: Every video you see here is completely done by us. We are able to create game trailers. And our great advantage is that we can give videos to your programmers which show exactly the game. There is no easier way for your programmers to their job..

Software-Check: Our math is that complex and proved, that we can verify the results of the simulation software done in your house.

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