Top Slot Game Design 2

How we can work together

We need a contact person in your company.
We need a programmer in your company.
And that’s all.

Because we deliver in exactly your formats and styles:

  1. Graphics: all single pictures in every size (also different sizes) like background picture, paytable site, and so on (.png, .jpg for web or every other format)
  2. Animations: all animation pics and matching animation files which steer the animations (.txt, .jason or every other format)
  3. Program code for software-oriented animations
  4. Videos: in every format and size, also in solo pictures (png sequences)
  5. Sounds: all sounds in best quality and right length and loudness (.ogg or every other format)
  6. Manuals: Describing the game (sequence of events)
  7. Mathematics: complete: files (containing reel strips or/and any other element) and math manual
  8. For programming (math and graphic): videos with sound (showing exactly the game), program code (logic, in an easily understandable language), manuals.

    CreaTec can be your new low-risk and high-ambitioned design department.