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Here are the elixirs for a better reputation for the gambling industry. If we want to do it  – we can do it. There is no obstacle in the world to change our image, except our own belief in the usefulness of our products.

Are we brave, are we active player or do we wait until these persons, who did not understand our business, are so loud that all in the world listen to them? This is the situation today:  whatever we say, people trust the other side. But we can grow up and make our business so that most of the people are on our side. We can!

In Bavarian, where I was born, there was nobody, 50 years ago, who cares about men who drunk so much beer that they near death. The innkeeper gave them what they want. Now, in the 21st century, may innkeepers are more careful with the health of their customers. They say more often than earlier: “No, enough!”

Should we do this, too ?

It’s good, to be careful with the health of another human, but my answer is: No. How should we do that? If somebody is total drunken, one can see this, but not if someone down and out.

So, what to do? – Turn it?

Only one can say it to himself. We should not force the gambler to do something which he is at that moment not able to do. We should guide him to protect himself. To do this, there is a lot of ways to go.

I wrote two concepts about that. At the moment they are aligned with the German market, but the most of the 100 ideas on the 120 pages are valid for the international scene, too.


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