I am courageous

When I started my career 40 years ago I had the great luck to see a great pioneer growing up. The great pioneer was Paul Gauselmann, who fascinated with his gambling halls and with his gambling machines that many people in Germany. I remember exactly what it means to innovate and expand a market by bringing new excitement to the people. 40 years later the world has changed and a lot of new things are in the world. Among them are successful things which are not part of our industry. Why? It is often heard that the millennials are not that excited about slots. But in every case, they love to do some things. And some of these things we do not offer. To offer the X-, the Y- and the Z-generation what they are accustomed brings in our industry to which one says ‘guaranteeing the future’. It’s a challenge and therefore the right thing for me and my team.

All human beings long for spectacular experiences.