Cloud Quest

5-point-short- analysis ‘Cloud Quest’ from Play’n GO

As I firstly saw Cloud Quest, I was at once interested, but not inflamed. With the first view, it was clear that this is more a slot for entertainment than for gambling, so I thought. I played the slot four or five times, every time less than a half hour.

Months later I read some thoughts of a gambler about it and also the win experience from another person. I recognised that there is a desirous win if one has deleted all symbols. Okay, the most gamblers never read the paytable. Did I do it? – Maybe, but perhaps too cursorily.

With this knowledge, I started playing again and these sessions were better ones. There’s really a big difference between knowing and not knowing this feature: it brings more pressure, more expectation, more gamble feeling in the game.

Therefore I will write the good points of the game, like I mostly do it, and additionally a really bad point. I usually avoid that. But in this case, it’s so a big point, that it is better to teach the designers to avoid such a simple mistake.

1. A game besides the mainstream is rare and I love such work. The graphics and the sounds are a really awesome work. But not only the quality and the charisma of the game is outstanding, the complexity and intensive efforts are great, too. Cloud Quest is like an adventure in a world of gambling and it is full of action.

2. The best feature is the changing of symbols into wilds (but I do not understand until today what the figure is calling, something like ‘sniggers’?). Also, the word BONUS behind the symbols, that ‘have to be freed’, is a really fine and suitable idea. This idea is excellently complemented by the idea that I did not realise firstly (to overlook it, should not happen): all symbols away bring a big win to the gamblers.

3. By reaching the free spins (BONUS is set free), the world is changing. The modern look is now an old styled look. This is a little bit strange. But the free spins are exciting again and the winnings are represented by fights against the figures. The sudden ending at the best point is not that great. This destroys the dream of big wins through this feature completely.

4. The game is full of actions. Stones bring a little machine to life and this lets the gamblers win some kinds of single features. Of course, it’s more entertainment than gambling because the event is exciting, the winnings too often not.

5. Maybe the game could have more success than it has. It is unusual, yes, it is more playful than risky, okay, but nobody can know if it is not that big point in future, especially for the next generations. But to grow up to a blockbuster, a slot has to reach the psyche of the High-rollers. And exactly this is impossible in my opinion. Then there is a really big mistake for that. This mistake is done often – but in really rare slots that big as it is in Cloud Quest. The mistake is: Many events last forever and you have to wait and to wait. Therefore, playing the game for hours is more an animation marathon than an experience of the typical gambling decisions, clear and quick: luck or no luck, yes or no.

There are a lot of points more which are discussable. If you want, let’s talking about it. It’s always worthwhile to talk about slot games. By the way, if you want a certain slot game to be analysed next, then give me a hint.