Gambling is worthwhile

Ring_0010Don’t think that gambling is a fallout of the society.

Look around the world, what do you see? You see a lot of problems and you see a lot of people trying to manage their life. For many people, it is not that simple. Nobody is able to be happy twenty-four hours a day. Human beings need help to come over the day. We need social contacts, we need sometimes medicine and we all have one desire: happy moments. And this is what gambling can give us: happy moments, the best feeling of life.

Symbol_11If this is true then gambling is medicine for the soul. Remember there are many situations which ask for medicine. In some cases, the medicine improve the life at once, for example, if we have a headache. In other cases, all medicine doesn’t help and in further situations, there is almost no effect. It’s the same with gambling and the happy moments. Sometimes there are happy moments, but the problems are much stronger and sometimes the problems are small, but the happy moments are nevertheless far away.

If I write ‘Gambling is worthwhile’ I did not mean, it’s worthwhile like a piece of jewellery. The worth is: ‘it’s helpful’. Gambling makes life a little bit easier (or more, if you won a big jackpot), sometimes it brings hope back, gives you power back or lets you breathe freer.

Symbol_07You heard about addiction. I am sure. This speculation is all over the world. Whether it exists or not, here is not the place to discuss that. But one sentence I have to write: drinking to much medicine has the same dangerous effects. And there is no doubt that medicine is in the world to help and not to ruin people, although it has happened to many people like that. So, there is no contradictoriness. Both can be a fact. This means that gambling is not worthwhile out of itself. It’s the behaviour, that can make gambling worthwhile or not. It’s a fact that many people are not able to handle gambling in that way, that is worthwhile. And it’s also a fact, that people, which enjoy gambling, do not talk about. So, the bad reputation of gambling is uncontradicted in the world.

I think it’s time to talk about all sides and to catch up the discussion about the good sides of gambling. I am sure, that this will bring a lot of unknownness and ignorance out of the discussion and more lucky moments in our world. Because lucky moments are the best moments in life and it’s okay to buy them.


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