Modern Gambling

What is modern gambling? Is it to do our job in a modern way? – NO!

Is it to do all parts of our job, let’s say: graphics, in a modern style? – NO!

What is it? 

The answer is simple. We all do our work in modern style and, of course, we all use modern methods and go modern ways. But most of the results, the games, are in a special manner not modern. Look at the games around the world and then look at the games of the 20th century. Do you see a fundamental difference?


Of course no, because our new games have the same ambient, the same goal, the same components: reels, bonuses, scatter symbols, jackpots and so on and on. All out of the last century. It looks modern, yeah, but the gambling inside is not modern – modern is only what we can see and what we can hear, but not in that meaning what we feel (as gamblers).

What exactly means modern?

Let’s say it in an example: today we roll coloured and wonderful animated dices with specially made sounds for that – but we still roll these old cubes. Dices are not modern and so the gamble feeling is not modern. This means in other words that modern gambling lets new feelings get out of the box.

What kind of feeling?

Fair – transparent – best reputation – great challenge, pure risk-taking. Gambling is wonderful like alcohol is wonderful. But if you don’t let people know the alcohol power, and do nothing until people lie drunk under the table, more dead than alive, and exclude them as unsocial and ill – what will happen? Then alcohol isn’t wonderful. Also, gambling is not wonderful like this.

Maybe, you have expected more when I asked ‘what kind of feeling?’ Of course, there can be something new coming out of the games itself in future. I am sure that this is possible. But first of all, gambling has to get a new orientation. Maybe, it’s on the way.

Is it on the way?

What do you mean? – Let’s talk about it.

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