Streak of Luck

5-point-short-analysis Streak of Luck from Playtech

Round about ten slot games which I have played with money I played much more intensively than all the others, and I have played around thousand. On the top of the ten is ‘Streak of Luck’. Maybe because it was one of the first games I trusted, meanwhile years ago.

The speciality of Streak of Luck is that you have to win in row and then you can climb up a ladder, with 5 wins reaching free games, firstly 5 and at the end 60, followed by the best win: a jackpot. Every bet has its own jackpot.

The problem is, of course, to convince the gamblers that eleven spins behind each other are able. This problem is solved by the 5×4 reels and especially the wild symbol. But it’s solved for the fans of the game and not that great for the sceptical beginners. But the work is graphically and mathematically well done.

And now five important points.

  1. The game looks modern and special, this is a ‘must have’ for a game which has a special, not that well-known feature. The animations are very good. Especially the flying ladybug and the flying stars inside the low symbols are fantastic.
  1. The sounds of the game and the voice give the slot a personal note and unify the most event-, animation- (graphic-) and sound-combinations perfectly. On this way, many points of the game are much more effective than it is by numerous games. Games with 5×4 often have the plausibility problem of really high winnings. Not Streak of Luck, because the job of the 5×4-reel-table is, in this case, to create often small winnings, the strength of 5×4.
  1. A lot of games have a bonus feature, Streak of Luck has one of the best, a logical and transparent dice feature. Very nice and professional made is the dice animation, congrats, the rolling dice are a fantastic work.
  1. If a feature has a weak point it’s always useful if there is a patch what gamblers can ‘stick on the wound’- The scatter symbol ‘cards’ is such an important good point. How big this feature is you can only realise by playing the game with the last Euros, getting the cards as a fifth win.
  1. The best point of the game is the wild symbol. Playing to reach the jackpot there must be a hope bringer, anytime one has no luck trying to climb the ladder. The wild symbol stimulates the hope in both directions: bringing a small winning for the climbing or bringing a huge win to balance the balance. 😉 Additionally the wild symbol is the best-made woman used for a wild symbol – not too sexy, not too silly, trustworthy, and really a beautiful eye catcher.

Reading until this point, you maybe think, what a game has this guy seen? Good sound, modern graphic?

Maybe you have seen the newest version. Okay, the difference between the first and the second version is really astonishing. Let me list four points:

  1. The new version looks old-styled. I thought: Okay, someone wants to make Streak of Luck in a way that people have the feeling it’s nearby the first video slots. But why? Companies all around the world are breaking the old rules and try to offer complete new gambling adventures. Of course, a lot of slots go into the offside, but gambling is an adventure, that’s by sure. A great slot has always to bring something new to the gamblers, but it’s really interesting, which version will be the best. I am curious.
  1. The quality of many graphics and sounds are technically and psychologically worse. Maybe the reason is that it should work quicker for mobile. But it’s not understandable what was the reason for changing really good things like the ladder-climb-win-sound.
  1. One former really bad point is now better: If you have won 10 free spins in the first version and started the next spin, then you heard a sound, which told you that the next spin will lose. (15 free games Goodbye). Of course, this was a software bug and fixed in the new version.
  1. Maybe one reason to re-design the game was that it does not work well enough for high rollers and one right reason is by sure the slowness. Yes, moving the dice back was an endless process. But to make the dice bigger has not really changed the ‘world’. It’s always good to have an eye on both: the beginners and the high-rollers. Give the last named the chance to stop animation rapidly and you have a slot for everyone.

‘Streak of Luck’ is both: an astonishing and interesting slot game and a very good study object due to the two versions. There are weak points and also more good points, of course, maybe they are additionally more important than the written ones. If you want, let’s continue talking about it here or at my blog There is a lot to talk about every slot game.