CreaTec’s abilities

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Seeing all the design companies and the numerous slot games in the present, it seems to be an important question asking for the abilities of the companies.

Why? – Having a look at the most games on the market, we realise that they finally lose. They do not reach gamblers heart. On the other hand, many of them are made with a great quality, especially great graphics or great sound, sometimes with new ideas or styles.

What do they lack?

Gambling is a difficult matter. It’s culture like other games, but nobody accepts it as a culture.

It’s a need in every society, but every society sees first of all the problems with this.

It’s a thing of passion, but even in our today’s time, passion is not well respected.

Can it be that the gamblers miss a culture (fairness), a need (fate handling) and a passion (vital emotions) in all these slot games, which creep on the ground? And on the other hand is it exactly this, what they do find in the great games?

When a game starts up well and after a few months goes down, then gamblers detected a problem inside – one important problem is too little hope for big winnings.

What does CreaTec offer?

We give in our games a special component, call it psychology or call it experience as a gambler. This is not a component, thinking up and doing in. Because hope results out of a good combination and an optimal interaction of the ‘normal looking’ components of a game. What we do in is something that strengthens the game. Therefore, nobody can see or hear something from this ‘hope-makers’ until one has played the game often and especially with money. It’s similar to the team spirit of a soccer team. Nobody can see this spirit, it only comes out when the team is playing successfully.

Thousands of gamblers, that means thousand of different person play a game. So, the important component which is in our games is specific to the game itself and a lot of things are able. So, it’s not so that we want to make a secret with it, there are so many things possible, that we cannot describe this in few sentences. We think you know that, especially if you are a graphic or sound artist. Sometimes it’s only a very little change necessary and the result is nearly another picture or sound.